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Liberty Corporation is a private American-Afghan company that was established in 2003, under license no # D-3806/4 of AISA Kabul, Afghanistan and registration No 0637658-3 & license No. 0061 issued in the state of Virginia USA. The main office of the company is located in the North of Herat City. Liberty groups Power Generation Sector started in 2003 has been a leading supplier in the Power Generation sector of Afghanistan working closely with the Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan and International Organizations, later to join the Defense sector in several large scale procurement Contracts with the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan and joint-venture in 2009 with a leading Security firm, Liberty group’s Hospitality Sector began in 2013 by creating a hotel with a state-of-the-art accommodation facility offering foreign guests and organizations a variety of services with excellent hospitality standards, Liberty Groups Saffron sector began in 2008 providing jobs to the local afghans as charitable for-profit entity self-funded by the Liberty Group. Liberty Corporation has completed more than 2500 Projects for Government, Industrial Companies and the people of Afghanistan. Liberty Corporation has been providing unrivaled levels of services to our growing consumers by hiring dedicated and knowledgeable recruits.

Our Sectors

Power Generation Sector

Liberty was inaugurated by the Ministry of Energy and Water in Afghanistan in 2003. Liberty’s Power Generation Sector has worked all over Afghanistan regarding power generation, Liberty covered the entire cities of Herat, Farah and Badghis's Electrical Departments exclusively, and had performed numerous large scale projects in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and Nimroz. In the last Nine years Liberty began the Switchboard Production Firm. Different types of Distribution Switchboards has been Produced and Installed for Usage. All Factories regarding the power generation division of Liberty Group are situated in Herat Industrial Town, Afghanistan. Liberty group’s power division is the local agent for HES Cablo, Merkur Ueberseehandel Gmbh, Baykal and Bruno Generators. Liberty’s Power Generation Sector has been working with National and International Organizations such as, Ministry of Electricity and Water, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, IOM, USAID, UN, ISAF, GIZ, Mercury, KFW, DynCorp, TDCA, AWCC, PRT, Etisalat and Roshan..

Concrete Poles Plant

In 2005 the construction was completed for the second phase of Herat Industrial project. The production of the Concrete Poles are listed below: -9 m Concrete Pole with 200kg tension & 9 m Concrete Pole with 400 kg tension -9 m Concrete Pole with 800 kg tension -12 m Concrete Pole with 200 kg tension,12 m Concrete Pole with 400 kg tension, 12 m Concrete Pole with 800 kg tension,14 m Concrete Pole with 400 kg tension The production of the factory is in line with the International Standards of High Quality Concrete.

Defense Sector

Liberty group started their defense sector in 2008, Liberty started working with the Ministry of Defense on several large scale MOD contracts throughout Afghanistan. In 2009 Liberty group established a joint-venture with one of the leading security firms in Afghanistan “Guard Force International LLC.”, In 2010 Liberty’s Defense sector decided to build a private large scale military camp for the American troops in Herat, Afghanistan to accommodate 970 American military personnel. Liberty’s Defense sectors goal is to expand its capabilities in the coming years to become a exclusive one-stop dealer for the Ministry Of Defense of Afghanistan.

Hospitality Sector

Liberty Groups Hospitality Sector began in 2013 when it had built Darya Village Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan Situated in a safe neighborhood just 2 minutes away from Kabul International Airport, the accommodation facility offers approximately 300 rooms of various categories. Guests have the option of residing in Classic Rooms, Twin Rooms and Deluxe Suites. Each category has unique features to it, offering guests the ultimate comfort across five separate blocks within the compound which have safety rooms, security coded armored entrances, fire exits, and more. The facility includes four Food & Beverage options for guests including a spacious dining facility for more than 200 guests, a traditional cafe, shisha lounge, and an international restaurant that includes unique entertainment and a fine dining area. The extensive menu with a variety of international delicacies is not only the best in town but also a special place for mingling with friends and colleagues after work. Moreover, guests can stay fit and relax in our state-of-the-art fitness center that consists of the latest cardio and weight training equipment in a relaxing environment.

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Saffron Sector

Liberty Group’s Saffron sector is a charitable for-profit entity and is the first processor, producer & exporting company of Saffron in Afghanistan. We offer precious & pure quality Saffron from Afghanistan that has been named number one in the world, This significant status has been given by the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels. Liberty Groups Saffron sector goal is to provide job opportunities to local Afghans and contribute to the growth of economical condition by processing and producing Saffron, customers to be fully satisfied and to adopt marketing strategies that are geared to expand our export operations in a proper managerial structure.

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Dry Food Sector

Afghanistan boasts a vast array of high-quality, organic, and highly sought-after dried fruits. The selection of Afghan dried fruits includes fruits such as raisins, apricots, figs, cherries, prunes, dates, and mulberries. In the country, the process of drying fruits is a family business that has been passed down from one generation to another for many years. People typically dry their fruit in an entirely natural way either in the sun or, as it is the case with certain varieties of grapes, in unique 'raisin rooms' known as khasmish khana.
Considered a key producer and supplier of various dried fruits in the world, Afghanistan exports its dry fruit produce to numerous countries around the world. Some of its most renowned dried fruit products include yellow figs, dried apricots such as the Shakepara and Ameri varieties, and Shundakhani raisins.


The Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan (ICA) was the first private commercial insurance company to be licensed by the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan and established operations in 2007. ICA operates from its headquarters in Kabul and has a highly qualified staff of international and Afghan professionals, representing the leading industry professionals in the country at this time.ICA has to date, arranged insurance coverage in excess of US$ 35 billion on behalf of clients operating in all sectors of the economy, and has paid claims of nearly US$ 10,000,000 million.The shareholders of ICA are committed to the mission of maintaining ICA’s position as premier provider of a full range of commercial insurance products and solutions for companies and organizations operating in Afghanistan.


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Considering that Afghanistan is emerging from three decades of war, the role of a well-established industrial and economical power company is fundamental to the reconstruction and development of the country’s infrastructure as a foundation for economic stability and growth. The expansion of access to electricity, and the push for modern industrial advancement are, now more than ever, critical to meet the challenges of today and prepare for the future. The country is experiencing a rise in population, in part due to an increase in diaspora returning home. It is clear that the industrial and technology sectors of our economy cannot operate in the modern global marketplace without modern industrial and electrical infrastructure. Increasing the availability to electricity empowers the government public, private, non-profit, and educational sectors of our society with the resources they need to thrive. The coinciding need of the people of Afghanistan, the new state capacity, and the support of our local and foreign allies, cultivated a necessity that drove us to establish Liberty Corporation and to prepare the necessary tools to begin our work in electrical development and distribution. As we aim to promote the growth of our industrialized society day-by-day and add to the list of achievement in international standards, we are also focused on maintaining a modernized workforce by equipping our workers with the latest tools of science and industry. Our professional development program is dedicated to a learning process that prepares and advances our workers with the professional skills, training, and readiness to succeed. The result of our services in preparing and distributing electricity in Herat and other provinces has been instrumental to the reconstruction of Afghanistan as we pave the way for new quality job opportunities for the Afghan people, and in particular, for female professionals and the new generation of educated young adults entering the job market. Liberty Corporation committed to the same standards across all regions in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Our day-to-day projects are an integral part of the reconstruction and resiliency of the country. As we look ahead and develop a framework for the long term, we are confident in our strategy to successfully meet our objectives and achieve the goals for the people of Afghanistan.

Ellias A. Faizi Ghoryani